“Anyone who decides to buy the latest iPhone face the same dilemma: Do I buy from Apple or from my wireless carrier?” Pete Pachal writes for Mashable. “Buying directly from Apple typically means either a big one-time payment or joining the company’s iPhone Upgrade Program. That program, introduced in 2015 alongside the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, splits the cost of your phone into 24 interest-free monthly installments, allows you to trade in the phone after the first 12 payments for the latest model, and includes AppleCare+ insurance.”

“It’s that last bit that elevates the cost of the program above most carrier payment plans,” Pachal writes. “Carriers offer their own insurance, of course (at varying prices), but some people may want to buy their phone from Apple, just without the added $129 cost of AppleCare+.”

“That’s probably why Apple is offers another option for buyers: ‘Apple iPhone Payments,’ which is basically the iPhone Upgrade Program without the upgrades — or AppleCare+,” Pachal writes. “Other than those omissions, it’s basically the same idea as the iUP, and even uses the same bank, Citzens Bank, to manage the installment loans. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you’re not an annual iPhone upgrader, don’t think you’ll need AppleCare+, and, as Pascal writes, “really hate your wireless carrier” (who doesn’t?), the “Apple iPhone Payments” deal is for you.