“In the years since its release, Apple TV has often lagged behind competitors, seemingly forgotten by Apple in favor of phones, computers, and even watches. And the Apple TV’s status as the ‘other’ on Apple’s list of sales feels evident when you notice how late to the 4K party it is,” Alex Cranz writes for Gizmodo. “Roku launched a 4K box last year and Nvidia launched an Android-based one two years ago. Fortunately (for Apple fans) the Apple TV 4K is so polished it almost feels like it was worth the wait.”

“tvOS has to be the most polished TV operating system I’ve used, and even when I’m faced with its limitations (no Amazon Prime until later this year) I don’t find myself too bothered,” Cranz writes. “Everything is so pretty and so easy to use that it’s hard to be annoyed.”

Apple TV 4K and its Siri Remote

Apple TV 4K and its Siri Remote

“It’s a solid device. If you’re already invested in the iTunes store, don’t want to mess with the potential fussiness of Android on the Nvidia Shield, or you’re desperate to have very nice looking first run movies without dropping cash on a Blu-ray player, then the Apple TV 4K should be at the top of your list,” Cranz writes. “It can’t do as much as the Nvidia Shield, and it isn’t as cheap as the Roku Ultra, but this little $180 box usually just works, and it looks great while it does it.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Another solid review for Apple TV 4K!

May it sell out this Christmas, so that Apple will devote even more resources to the device and its ecosystem!

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