“Apple’s Apple TV 4K box may have only come out last Friday, but its one killer feature already seems to be having a monumental impact on the video streaming world,” John Archer writes for Forbes. “That killer feature is Apple’s decision to sell 4K film titles for the same price as HD ones – a move which has seen 4K titles go on sale on iTunes for as little as $9.99, or even just £3.99 in the UK. And the first signs of its knock-on impact have just shown up on the video streaming service of arch rival, Amazon.”

“Prior to the Apple TV 4K’s launch, buying movies from Amazon Prime Video in 4K generally set you back a healthy premium over their lower resolution versions. Today, though, the Amazon Prime Video platform has 4K versions of films listed for essentially the same prices as their HD versions,” Archer writes. “This sees the most expensive titles coming in at around $19.99, while one or two titles are as cheap to buy as $5.”

Apple TV 4K and its Siri Remote

Apple TV 4K and its Siri Remote

“Apple arguably still holds an advantage over Amazon in the value stakes, since its iTunes titles are generally accompanied by brightness- and color-boosting high dynamic range technology, while Amazon’s titles are, for now anyway, UHD only,” Archer writes. “Apple also has a bigger catalogue of purchasable 4K movies than Amazon does, though, and this may prove a tougher hurdle for Amazon to overcome.”

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