“There is a tiny, hidden Easter egg on the new iOS 11 App Store screen. It’s so subtle that most probably missed it, but it’s an important one, a gossamer thread that leads all the way back to Apple’s core, and to what the App Store means to Apple,” Lance Ulanoff writes for Mashable.

“You can be forgiven for not noticing the new Games icon at the base of the iOS 11 App Store app is based on a familiar shape,” Ulanoff writes. “Take a close look at that tiny rocket.”

“Remind you of anything? It’s based on the Apple logo leaf,” Ulanoff writes. “In fact, it is the leaf, with some obvious embellishments. Apple did it because of the importance of games in the App Store ecosystem.”

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MacDailyNews Take: According to Statista (July 2017) the 10 most popular Apple App Store categories by share of active apps are:

Games – 25.08%
Business – 9.83%
Education – 8.47%
Lifestyle – 8.33%
Entertainment – 6.1%
Utilities – 4.89%
Travel – 3.93%
Books – 3.02%
Health & Fitness – 2.98%
Food & Drink – 2.86%