“Earlier this week, Apple promised an ‘incredible’ TV experience. It delivered a snooze fest,” Jennifer Van Grove writes for The San Diego Tribune. “Starting at $179, the new Apple TV, dubbed the Apple TV 4K and available on Sept. 22, is an upgrade worth skipping.”

“Really, for that price, all you get is the fourth-generation Apple TV with support for super-high resolution content, a.k.a. 4K,” Van Grove writes. “Otherwise, you get the same Siri-powered Apple TV remote, with its finicky touch pad, and the same browsing experience, save for a 4K gloss applied to the user interface. The most noticeable improvement is a faster chip for more processing power.”

“But if you must have 4K movies and you already default to iTunes for your movie purchases, then you might as well upgrade to the Apple TV 4K. The device’s high price tag is partially subsidized by Apple’s promise to upgrade all your iTunes-purchased HD movies to 4K,” Van Grove writes. “These theater-quality flicks will also be sold at HD prices going forward. So that’s something… [But] Apple releases its own streaming TV package or finds its footing in the original TV and movie business, I just can’t see the appeal of the Apple TV 4K for anyone other than movie buffs.”

Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K

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MacDailyNews Take: Rivals promise 4K capability, but deliver a paltry selection of 4K titles. Apple will lead by offering easily the widest breadth of 4K titles. Plus, as mentioned, your prior purchases than have 4K versions will be upgraded at no cost.

We’ve already pre-ordered several Apple TV 4K units and suggest that those are in the Apple ecosystem who have or plan to get 4K sets do the same.

Apple starts rolling out 4K HDR iTunes content ahead of Apple TV 4K launch – September 15, 2017