“Code42, the company behind the CrashPlan online backup service, stopped accepting new subscribers for its CrashPlan for Home plan on Tuesday, with the backup firm shifting its focus away from consumers to enterprise and small business customers,” Malcolm Owen reports for AppleInsider. “The CrashPlan website advises users that, effective as of August 22, Code42 will no longer accept new CrashPlan for Home subscriptions nor renewals of existing subscriptions. The sunsetting of the service will apparently take place over several months, with CrashPlan for Home expected to cease on October 23, 2018. ”

“The service will continue to honor existing CrashPlan for Home subscriptions during this time, and has extended customer subscriptions at no extra cost by 60 days, to give users time to transition to a new backup system,” Owen reports. “For customers wanting to stay with the service, Code42 suggests they move over to CrashPlan for Small Business, which costs $10 per month per device.Customers choosing this option will have their data moved over and will be able to use CrashPlan for Small Business for the remainder of their current Home subscription for free, followed by a 75 percent discount off the service for the following 12 months.”

“Carbonite is being offered as an alternative option, selected as an ‘exclusive partner’ to Code42 for home users,” Owen reports. Just as with CrashPlan for Small Business, subscribers are being offered a price cut for switching services to Carbonite, this time a discount of 50 percent.”

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MacDailyNews Take: CrashPlan for Home (or other CrashPlan users) and/or Carbonite users, what’s your opinion of the service(s)?