“Undoubtedly, Apple is distinguished for the iPhone,” Pantho Investments writes for Seekigng Alpha. “But since 2014, Apple has also been working on an electric car via Project Titan. And just yesterday, WSJ reported that Apple has set aside $1 billion to produce original content, essentially competing with the likes of Netflix and Amazon.”

“Considering that Apple’s core competency has historically been electronic hardware and easy-to-use user interfaces, are Apple’s ventures into entertainment production, electric vehicles, and complex AI starting to become a case of diworseification?” Pantho Investments wonders. “To those unfamiliar with the term, investing legend Peter Lynch wrote about the concept of diworseification in his 1989 book, One Up On Wall Street.”

An excerpt from page 148:

Instead of buying back shares or raising dividends, profitable companies often prefer to blow the money on foolish acquisitions. The dedicated diworseifier seeks out merchandise that is (1) overpriced, and (2) completely beyond his or her realm of understanding. This ensures that losses will be maximized.

Every second decade the corporations seem to alternate between rampant diworseification (when billions are spent on exciting acquisitions) and rampant restructuring (when those no-longer-exciting acquisitions are sold off for less than the original purchase price).

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MacDailyNews Take: Is Apple diworseifying?


If anything, Apple is late to the idea of developing compelling original content. Of course, Apple has the money to buy up the entire entertainment industry, so being a bit, or even a lot, late won’t hurt them in the long run. People constantly underestimate Apple. That is a mistake. People also cannot seem to wrap their heads around Apple’s considerable resources. They are, to say the least, extensive. Apple can do whatever they want. If they want to buy A-list Hollywood, they can buy A-list Hollywood – and B-list, C-List, D-List…

Ditto for the “car” industry. It’s not outside of Apple’s core competency as vehicles today are really rolling computers and will only become more technical.

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