“During an earnings conference call, Inventec’s CEO said that Apple’s HomePod would have little material impact on the company’s future results as quantities of the device will probably be constrained at launch,” Mike Wuerthele reports for AppleInsider.

“Speaking to investors, Inventec CEO David Ho confirmed that the HomePod would ship to Apple in the fourth fiscal quarter, with tight constraints,” Wuerthele reports. “After the conference call, an analyst predicted that Inventec would likely only ship 500,000 units of the HomePod in 2017.”

Wuerthele reports, “An unnamed source within Inventec told the Nikkei Asian Review on Monday that the HomePod would in part shift to rival Foxconn in 2018 at some point — but when specifically was not made clear.”

Apple's HomePod

Apple’s HomePod

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