“When the iPad fits a task well, there’s no question for me that it’s superior to a laptop. It’s not better at everything, but in a few ways it beats the pants off of a Mac,” Gabe writes for MacDrifter. “The Apple Pencil is one aspect that keeps me coming back to my iPad Pro.”

“The Apple Pencil is so perfectly tuned as a stylus that I’d argue the best thing that Apple could do to increase sales of the higher end models is to include the Pencil,” Gabe writes. “I’ve owned an Apple Pencil since their first release and it’s only now, with the new iPad Pro, that I think it’s reached a point of magic.”

“In most of the apps I’ll mention below, the performance is so close to actual pen on paper that it’s easy to forget that it’s not,” Gabe writes. “Which is kind of the point.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you haven’t used an Apple Pencil yet and you’re near an Apple Store, go in and try one – it truly is magical!