“Singapore Airlines told IBTimes UK that the AirDrop stunt definitely didn’t happen,” Mary-Ann Russon reports for International Business Times. “‘Our pilot was only replying in jest to the radio message from the captain of the other flight. Photos were exchanged by email later, however,’ a spokesperson said.

“A cargo pilot is claiming to have wirelessly transfered photos across 1,000ft from one aeroplane to another in midair, in a video that is now going viral,” Russon reports. “The video appears to show that the photos are sent within a few seconds, after which the Singapore Airlines pilot is heard saying, rather indistinctly, ‘We appreciate your AirDrop.'”

“In the video, the cargo pilot’s iPhone is clearly shown to be in Airplane mode, and only Bluetooth is enabled,” Russon reports. “Add to that is the fact that Apple itself says that the range of the AirDrop function is only about 30ft, and if you want to use the service, you need to have Wi-Fi enabled at the same time.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Well, it was fun while it lasted! But, what about that report where AppleInsider “spoke to a former naval aviator who has transitioned to commercial flight. He confirmed to us that this is not all that uncommon amongst pilots, and he has done it at approximately the same range and altitude on more than one occasion?”

Video: iPhone sends images to second plane at 35,000 feet via Apple’s AirDrop – August 4, 2017