“Dutch police arrested five Romanian men suspected of stealing iPhones worth 500,000 euros ($590,000) in a dangerous heist on a moving truck, a spokesman said Monday,” Seattle pi reports.

“The five men, aged from 33 to 43, allegedly stole the iPhones in a late-night raid a week ago by driving a modified van so close to the delivery truck that one of the suspects was able to clamber across the van’s hood and break into the truck while it drove along a Dutch road, police spokesman Ed Kraszewski,” Seattle pi reports. “He said the suspect then passed boxes of iPhones back to the van through a hole cut in its roof.”

Seattle pi reports, “The men were arrested Saturday at a holiday park in the central Netherlands, where police also recovered iPhones and the van they believe was used in the theft.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Some people will do just about anything to get their hands on iPhones.

Nobody’s risking their lives for knockoffs from a South Korean dishwasher maker.

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