“There’s a tendency to give Amazon.com the benefit of the doubt whenever it looks to enter any new market, because the company’s track record of disruption across industries speaks for itself,” Evan Niu writes for The Motley Fool. “But what about messaging?”

“AFTVnews is reporting that Amazon is developing a messaging app called Anytime,” Niu writes. “Amazon ambitiously wants to offer just about everything that existing messaging services offer, all in one place. Anytime might even be comparable to full-blown social networks.”

“On one hand, you could argue that messaging is a core area that all the other major tech giants have jumped into, so Amazon is just keeping pace with its peers. On the other hand, messaging is already an overcrowded market, with an abundance of apps and services offered by established companies as well as smaller start-ups,” Niu writes. “On the consumer side, it’s hard to imagine Amazon making a dent in such a crowded space, particularly since it’s so late to the game. Besides, no one is asking for yet another mobile messaging app.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple should have the “courage” to take Messages cross-platform by offering Messages for Android. Apple should have confidence that iOS has much more going for it than just blue messages with full effects.

By releasing Messages for Android, Apple would take control of messaging virtually overnight as iPhone users would immediately badger those who’ve settled for Android crapola into upgrading to Messages at least. (Yes, fragmandroid settlers, we hate your bland, nasty, green bubbles in our beautiful Messages app. Dealing with you is like trying share email attachments with Windows sufferers in the 90s!)

And, of course, with greater scale, services like Apple Pay P2P via Messages would certainly benefit immensely.

And, after the fragmandroid settlers get used to Messages, it’d be that much easier for them to contemplate upgrading to an iPhone for their next smartphone.

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