“For most of us, the iPod is a footnote in history,” Michael Simon writes for Macworld. “But Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver has shown us that the iPod hasn’t lost any of its cool factor. And its spirit is still very much alive in Cupertino. While the iPod may have long ago lost its dedicated tab at the top of Apple.com, you’ll still find iPods on display at most Apple Stores, which is more than you can say for the Mac mini.”

“And while Apple hasn’t updated its iPod line in nearly two years, two new products clearly take their inspiration from the minuscule music player: AirPods and HomePod,” Simon writes. “It’s not just their surnames. Apple two newest products are built for music lovers and embody everything we once loved about the iPod: freedom, fun, and high-fidelity. And they could be the first step in a full-scale reboot of the iPod.”

“for all the freedom Apple Music represents, there isn’t a way to listen to to its vast collection without carrying around a player,” Simon writes. “Apple’s ‘Pod’ lineup is missing a killer device: something small and wearable that lets you listen to Apple Music wherever you are. You know, an iPod for the streaming generation.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We already have Apple Watches, AirPods and Apple Music memberships today. All we need is cellular connectivity built into Apple Watch to have Apple Music streaming.