“Apple calls Safari 11, the web browser that ships with macOS High Sierra, ‘the world’s fastest desktop browser,'” Roman Loyola reports for Macworld. “And based on the benchmarks we’ve run, it’s true.”

“We ran a series of browser benchmarks comparing Safari 11 (in the High Sierra public beta) to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera,” Loyola reports. “In every test except one, Safari 11 reached the finish line first. (We’ll run these tests again when High Sierra is finalized in the fall, but for now, the results are very impressive.)”

“Here’s a look at all the tests we ran, presented in alphabetical order,” Loyola reports. “We also provide links to each test so you can run it yourself.”

See all of the benchmark results here.

MacDailyNews Take: Chrome users? Hello? It’s time to think about upgrading to a better web browser (not to mention thinking about your privacy).

Tests show Apple’s new Safari 11 is the world’s fastest desktop browser – July 13, 2017