“It’s a new kind of terrorism, and it’s something we’re going to have to get used to seeing: Organizations in Ukraine, Russia, Denmark, the United Kingdom and more nations appear to be facing another major ransomware cyber attack,” Colin Daileda reports for Mashable. “Though the perpetrator—and even the type of attack—aren’t entirely clear yet, photos of infected computer screens around the world are showing ransom notes demanding bitcoin, meaning the infection’s a type of ransomware that locks down a computer, until its operator pays a ransom to the hackers.”

“This type of ransomware is of a breed known as Petya, an advanced kind of ransomware that seizes control of infected hard drives in addition to encrypting the files on an infected computer,” Daileda reports. “Right now, Ukraine appears to be taking the brunt of the attack. The National Bank of Ukraine is reportedly unable to perform the basic functions of a bank right now due to a type of “virus,” and the international airport in the nation’s capital, Kiev, is bogged down in an attack as well. Attackers also went after Ukraine’s power supply, according to The New York Times, but have so far been unsuccessful.”

“A British advertising firm, as well as a Danish transportation and energy company have also reportedly been affected,” Daileda reports. “This ransomware attack is the second major attack to strike across the world in as many months. Last month, a ransomware called WannaCry seized computers and demanded Bitcoin from users, infecting computers in more than 100 countries. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: Thirty-nine minutes ago, TechCrunch’s Taylor Hatmaker reported that, “at the time of writing, the Bitcoin address that today’s global attack points to has only collected 29 payments, for a total of 3.15 BTC, or $7,497. Considering the breadth of entities affected, that suggests that most victims know better than to cooperate.”