“As do about a billion people on planet earth, I subscribe to iCloud,” Ron McElfresh writes for McSolo. “Why not? 5GB is free with every iCloud account, and that includes email and the ability to sync files between various and sundry Apple devices; Mac, iPhone, iPad, with browser access.”

“Here’s the problem. I have somewhere around 150GB of photos and a few videos stored in the Photos app on my Mac,” McElfresh writes. “Apple recently lowered the price tag for 200GB of iCloud storage space to $2.99, so it’s a bit of a bargain to get Photos’s photos and videos on other devices. ”

“Unfortunately, I keep many, many, files and folders on both the Desktop (itself a folder) and in Documents. That total would push me over the 200GB limit. So, I trimmed down the contents of both Desktop and Documents to only those files that I need on other devices; about 25GB total. And, I set up a folder on iCloud Drive called iCloud Desktop and iCloud Documents, and filled it with the aforementioned and well pruned files,” McElfresh writes. “Again, it took a few hours for all those files and folders to get copied to iCloud and then distributed to my other Macs, iPhone, and iPad, but it worked”

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MacDailyNews Take: Or, of course, there’s the 2TB iCloud storage option for $9.99/mo. which basically frees you from worrying about managing your storage to fit into 200GB.

Apple doubles storage on $9.99/month iCloud tier to 2TB; iOS 11 lets you share single plan with whole family – June 6, 2017