“Verizon Wireless remains America’s fastest mobile network by a nose in our closest Fastest Mobile Networks race ever,” Sascha Segan reports for PC Magazine. “In our tests across the US, Verizon offered the most reliable and consistent high-speed network overall, but split individual wins for 36 cities and rural regions three ways with AT&T and T-Mobile—the first time we’ve seen that kind of an even divide.”

“It’s clear that all three carriers are pushing hard to improve their networks. Depending on where you live, they’re all great choices,” Segan reports. “While Verizon is the fastest mobile network overall, AT&T has the fastest average download speeds in the nation, and T-Mobile can cost less than Verizon while offering very close to the same performance.”

“AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon all offer strong performance this year, but they don’t each offer strong performance everywhere,” Segan reports. ” For example, AT&T is weak in New York City but strong in Indianapolis, while T-Mobile is the other way around. So it’s important to check our individual city pages if you’re making a carrier choice.”

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