“Before creating my industry analyst and research company, I was fortunate enough to spend over a decade as an executive in semiconductors at Advanced Micro Devices and nearly another decade as a PC and server OEM at Compaq (purchased by HP), AT&T GIS and NCR (purchased then spun out by AT&T),” Patrick Moorhead writes for Forbes. “I’ve met with some very colorful people along the way including Tim Cook at Compaq, Mark Hurd at NCR and Jerry Sanders at AMD.”

“All this time spent at OEMs and chip companies hopefully gives me some unique perspective on how Apple is disrupting semiconductors,” Moorhead writes. “Apple currently buys more silicon than any other vendor but also designs more silicon than any other vendor, too. And their silicon, especially their Fusion SoCs and CPU architectures, are best in mobile class in CPU performance and very competitive in GPU performance.”

“Apple believes that by owning iOS, the iOS ecosystem, and now the silicon, it can deliver a better user experience,” Moorhead writes. “Has it worked for differentiation? I’d say it has worked so far. Apple has consistently cranked out unimaginable improvements in CPU and GPU, 30 to 40% improvements each new product. That’s unheard of, particularly with CPUs at the same power use. Competitively, Apple dominates in single CPU performance, is competitive in multi-core CPU performance and has competitive GPU performance.”

“With Apple’s cash balance, they could easily snatch up AMD, drop X86, and re-target all those resources to ARM-based processors and GPUs to support… larger and more powerful iPad Pro ‘Plus’ [devices],” Moorhead writes. If you’re still a doubter, then consider what Apple could do with their $250B in cash. NVIDIA is worth $90B, Qualcomm $86B, and AMD $11B.”

Much more in the full article – very highly recommendedhere.

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