“The UK must keep its doors open to top talent from around the world if its technology firms are to thrive, Apple’s chief designer has told the BBC,” BBC News reports. “Sir Jonathan Ive, who has just been appointed Chancellor of the Royal College of Art, also said that technology hubs like Silicon Valley had a ‘tremendous cultural diversity.'”

“Some technology firms fear they may lose access to talent after Brexit,” The Beeb reports. “Sir Jonathan said the UK had a ‘fabulous tradition of design education,’ but that it needed to do more to become a technology hub on a par with Silicon Valley in California.”

“The region also prided itself on its diversity, allowing ‘like-minded’ people from around the world to join forces to create new products,” The Beeb reports. “Some UK technology firms have warned that they could lose access to the international talent they need after Britain leaves the European Union… Apple chief executive Tim Cook said earlier this year he was ‘very optimistic’ about the UK’s future outside the EU.”

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MacDailyNews Take:

Diversity: the art of thinking independently together. — Malcolm Forbes

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