“Clever and funny are out,” Lance Ulanoff writes for Mashable. “Short and obvious are in.”

“Watching Apple’s new collection of Switch Ads, I was instantly nostalgic for the company’s iconic ‘I’m a Mac and I’m a PC’ ads that introduced us to the wit and comic-timing of John Hodgman and lovable knowingness of Justin Long,” Ulanoff writes. “The new spots, which appeared on YouTube on Monday, are too short to be called ads and too abstract to engage on any emotional level.”

“There’s no dialogue, just brief illustrations of the difference between ‘your phone’ and the ‘iPhone,'” Ulanoff writes.

“Wouldn’t it have been brilliant to bring back Hodgman and Long for this series? Everyone would’ve watched them (and shared them), just to see the pair back together. They are, after all, like our modern-day Abbot and Costello,” Ulanoff writes. “[But], the generation Apple hopes to attract was probably in grade school when these ads were popular. Maybe they wouldn’t care.”

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MacDailyNews Take: These ads are simple calls to action (i.e. visit apple.com/switch). They are meant for those currently on the fence, clutching their likely-infected, never-to-be-updated pretend iPhones and thinking about finally crossing over into the light.

Granted, some of these ads could be a bit more compelling, but they are trying to hit the usual fears (my music, my photos, will this be too difficult) and get then to the webpage where things are explained in more detail.

Obviously, with switchers fleeing from Android to real iPhones in record numbers, Apple is rightly trying to accelerate the process.

In the first half of this fiscal year… we saw the largest absolute number of switchers outside of Greater China in the same period that we’ve ever seen. – Apple CEO Tim Cook, Q2 2017 Earnings Call, May 02, 2017

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