“When it comes to apps on my iPhone, I’m guilty as charged: I’m a hoarder,” Raymond Wong writes for Mashable. “There’s nothing wrong with being a digital hoarder so long as you don’t let it destroy your sanity. You just need to know how to manage your digital garbage and know when to just give up (like stop flagging emails and embrace search).”

“It’s not like I don’t have enough storage… I’ve got 256GB iPhone 7,” Wong writes. “My problem also isn’t that I haven’t accepted the fact that I have 179 apps on my iPhone — most of which I haven’t opened in years and probably won’t in the near future — but that I can’t bring myself to delete them because of fear.”

“179 apps isn’t that bad… for me a least. Last year I had well over 300 apps installed on my even smaller 128GB iPhone 6, so any cutback is an improvement,” Wong writes. “The simple truth is I don’t need these apps. I know I don’t need them. But fear keeps me from deleting them because when I need them, I won’t have them.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Maybe not to the same degree, but most of us have been, or are still, there.

One of the many things Apple Watch helped teach us was to be more picky and choose to keep only necessary regularly-used apps on our devices.

So, how’s your iPhone (and, for that matter, Apple Watch) app count looking?

(Don’t ask us about out iPads. That’s where we warehouse our app hoards.)