“There’s a lot of smoke about the ‘iPhone 8,’ or whatever it’s ultimately going to be called. Some of the signals say USB-C will be used as the phone’s main interface, but most of them don’t say anything at all,” Mike Wuerthele writes for AppleInsider. “Despite rare rumors to the contrary, Apple will probably stick with Lightning this time around.”

“To borrow a phrase from Steve Jobs, USB-C is still a ‘bucket of hurt’ [sicbag of hurt“] for Apple. If it stays with Lightning, it antagonizes the crowd that wants to see universality,” Wuerthele writes. “If it shifts, it annoys peripheral owners, even if a low-profile adapter is provided at low cost, like Apple did after the shift to 30-pin.”

“No doubt, USB-C is solid. The connector itself has about the same resistance to damage as Lightning, and is positioned as a universal, small port for cross-platform use. In our experience with the MacBook Pro and MacBook, the connector succeeds admirably,” Wuerthele writes. “The shift to USB-C for the iPhone is inevitable, but it probably still isn’t this year.”

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