“The silly things I read about Apple or an Apple product boggle the mind,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “The other day, I ran across a perfectly absurd piece suggesting there was something harmful or nasty about Apple’s iWork software.”

“Now in the real world, Apple has been producing consumer-level productivity suites for years. It dates back to the launch of AppleWorks for the Apple II platform. Mac and PC versions existed ClarisWorks before becoming AppleWorks,” Steinberg writes. “All told, the three iWork apps are actually quite decent overall.”

“Speaking as someone who has used Microsoft’s productivity suite for years — and written a couple of books about it — I can tell you that I do not need all the features available in Office. Most people don’t, and even some businesses can survive on something simpler,” Steinberg writes. “By adding real-time collaboration, Apple has entered Google Docs territory without the privacy concerns.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We haven’t touched Office in well over a decade. Apple’s iWork easily does everything we need (of course, we’re all-Apple here, so iWork offers seamless continuity across all of our devices).

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