“The production of iPhone’s 10th anniversary range has hit a snag as suppliers struggle to perfect key components including display, wireless charging and printed circuit boards, people familiar with the company said,” Debby Wu and Cheng Ting-Fang report for Nikkei.

“Apple is set to release a brand-new iPhone with its first curved screen but the challenges its suppliers are facing have raised concerns that customers will face a prolonged wait for the iconic handset due to be launched later this year,” Wu and Ting-Fang report. “Samsung Display, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, is the exclusive OLED supplier for the new iPhones, as it is the only panel maker in the world with the capacity to churn out curved smartphone screens in large quantities. ”

“Yet a supply chain source and an analyst say that Samsung is facing challenges in delivering what Apple wants, although they are unclear as to what exactly the issues are,” Wu and Ting-Fang report. “The supply chain source pointed out that Apple and its suppliers are also still working to resolve overheating issues in wireless charging modules. Arthur Liao of Taipei-based Fubon Securities said that the new wireless charging board still does not working properly. Sean Kao, an analyst at IDC, said that even printed circuit boards, a common electronics component, are running into problems.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Reports on next-gen iPhone production are all over the map, ranging from everything’s just fine to it all gone to hell.

Take these reports, especially from Nikkei, with a truck-load of salt.

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