Since the election of President Donald Trump, Apple’s “been been cultivating some good old fashioned Washington influence,” Hamza Shaban reports for Buzzfeed News. “Apple spent $1.4 million, just $50,000 more than during the final months of the Obama presidency, when it set its previous record, but the most it has ever spent in a single quarter. Apple lobbied on issues including government requests for data, the regulation of mobile health apps, and self-driving cars.”

“Google, once again, outspent every other technology company. It was tenth overall, tallying $3.5 million,” Shaban reports. “‘We think it is important to have a strong voice in the debate and help policymakers understand our business and the work we do to keep the Internet open and fuel economic growth,’ a Google spokesperson told BuzzFeed News.”

MacDailyNews Take: Google’s “Oh Shit!” moment was dwarfed only by Hillary Clinton’s. (See: Google’s Eric Schmidt wore staff badge at Hillary Clinton’s ‘victory’ party.)

“Amazon spent nearly $3 million on lobbying, behind only Facebook and Google, and was 17th out of all companies in or out of tech,” Shaban reports. “Amazon met with government officials to discuss net neutrality, drone air cargo, drone privacy, and the flow of data across borders, among other issues. Microsoft claimed $2.3 million as the fourth biggest spender in tech and 27th overall. The second biggest spender out of any company was AT&T, which shelled out $4.6 million. The company’s proposed $85 billion merger with Time Warner, now under review by the Justice Department, is being closely watched by industry analysts and political observers.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Money makes the world go ’round.

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