“Code discovered within Apple’s latest iOS 10.3 beta shows tools that will allow developers to run their apps at variable framerates, suggesting that higher-fidelity Apple Pencil support could be coming to the company’s soon-to-arrive iPad Pro refresh,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“With new iPad Pro models expected to arrive in the coming weeks, developer Steven Troughton-Smith revealed on Twitter the changes found in pre-release iOS 10.3 betas,” Hughes reports. “As a result, he said on Wednesday that he is ‘reasonably convinced’ that Apple could introduce new devices with screen refresh rates higher than 60Hz.”

“As for why Apple would be pursuing these capabilities— particularly in iOS 10.3, which is set to launch any day now — a likely explanation would be better better Apple Pencil support for new iPad Pro models,” Hughes reports. “Beyond the Apple Pencil, it’s also possible that Apple could be pursuing higher framerates in iOS devices for augmented reality and virtual reality applications. Faster response times are crucial for AR and VR applications for a more fluid, less headache-inducing experience.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, we’ll soon see the fruits of Apple’s labor with a new crop of iPad Pro models and Apple Pencil 2!