“The iMac 2017 may go for power and speed by having the Intel Kaby Lake i7-7700K, which was not yet available when the Microsoft Surface Studio launched so Apple may still sway Mac users from migrating to the competition,” Lucy McClaren reports for University Herald. “Moreover, the Virtual Reality potential of the iMac, a first for Apple may be the final game-clincher for the long overdue device that is now surrounded by many other rivals offering the same basic features.”

MacDailyNews Take: Yet another reporter who thinks hardware is the full story and totally misses what makes a Mac a Mac: macOS.

McClaren reports, “Mac users who have not migrated to Microsoft yet may still be enticed to stay with the iMac.”

MacDailyNews Take: The total ignorance of Mac users and their loyalty is appalling.

“The most logical step is to beef up performance with Intel’s Kaby Lake processor and pack in more power to its graphics processing unit with AMD’s Polaris 10 or 11,” McClaren reports. “The AMD GPUs also bring the potential of a VR support, a feature that has long been demanded from Apple devices and the iMac 2017 may be the very first to do so according to PC Advisor.”

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MacDailyNews Take: You can pick out someone who’s never touched a Mac from a mile away. They’re just totally clueless.

It’s the software, stupid. — MacDailyNews, January 24, 2005