“According to presidential historian and New York Times bestselling author Doug Wead, Hillary’s scathing defeat was unsurprising and a direct result of the scandals, lies and cover-ups that have followed her and her husband for decades,” Caroline Howe reports for The Daily Mail. “a href=”http://amzn.to/2mBtkxn” target=”_new”>Weads book details the ‘scale of corruption’ of the Clintons’ controversies, from Hillary’s curious relationship with Russia while secretary of state, to ‘pay to play’ practices with China dating back to her husband’s time as governor in Arkansas.””

“He writes that perhaps the most blatant corruption charge was levied at the Clintons for ‘selling sleepovers’ in the Lincoln Bedroom at the White House,” Howe reports. “Eight hundred individuals paid for the pleasure of sleeping in the Lincoln bedroom – including Hollywood celebrities Barbra Streisand, who ponied up $60,000 to sleep on the Porthault sheets, film director Steven Spielberg who gave up $336,000, studio head Lew Wasserman paid $225,000.”

“Businessman Dirk Ziff paid $411,000, William Rollnick gave $235,000, and Steve Jobs paid a modest $150,000,” Howe reports. “Sleepovers weren’t just in the Lincoln Bedroom. They were in every bedroom including the Queen Mum’s bedroom suite across the hall from the Lincoln Bedroom and the rooms where Winston Churchill stayed during his 1941 wartime visit with FDR… Sleepovers were sold at Camp David, the rustic Presidential country retreat near Thurmont, Maryland, some 62 miles northwest of Washington.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Boy, Spielberg really got taken, unless he stayed a whole week!

This reminds us of the first time we read of Jobs sleeping in the Lincoln bedroom (no explicit payment for the arrangement was mentioned, but, now after re-reading the passage, it may have been implied) in The Life of the Great Steve Jobs by Hillary Smith:

From the early 1990s, Jobs lived in a house in the Old Palo Alto neighborhood of Apple Alto. president Clinton dined with Jobs and 14 Silicon Valley CEOs there on August 7, 1996, at a meal catered by Greens Restaurant. Clinton returned the favor and Jobs, who was a Democratic donor, slept in the Lincoln bedroom of the White House.

In 1997, CNN also reported that Jobs had stayed in the Lincoln bedroom in a list of hundreds of others who did the same during the Clinton administration.

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