“Apple’s iPhone 7 isn’t the first phone to ship without a headphone jack,” Valentina Palladino writes for Ars Technica. “But the iPhone 7 is definitely the most important and popular phone to discard the headphone jack, and Apple is dragging the industry toward a wireless future, whether we like it or not.”

“At least the company provided its own solution, eventually: its $159 AirPods are one of the newest truly wireless earbuds you can buy,” Palladino writes. “By “truly wireless,” we mean they’re just two buds that sit in both ears without anything connecting them. Much like other Apple technology, AirPods are not the only truly wireless buds on the market. They’re certainly not the only regular wireless buds available. But again, like other Apple technologies, AirPods have a unique spin that sets them apart from the competition.”

“Apple hopes to convince consumers that its buds are the best to pair with their iPhones, but consumers have many options to choose from when it comes to competing wireless earbuds. I tested a handful of wireless buds to see how the AirPods stack up in terms of ease of use, comfort, music quality, and battery life. I’ve done an anecdotal assessment of music quality for all the buds I reviewed,” Palladino writes. “I spent hours with each pair, listening to a variety of music including pop, rock, jazz, and classical in environments with different levels of outside noise.”

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