“We’re all pretty familiar with how good Apple Genius Bar staffers can be at fixing issues with the latest products out of Cupertino, but what about those Apple products that are as old — or older — than most of the Geniuses?” Steven Sande reports for Apple World Today.

“Ewen Rankin, a pro photographer/videographer from Birmingham, England who also happens to be the podcaster behind The Mac Show on The British Tech Network, was able to find out recently with a very special 30-year-old Mac SE,” Sande reports. “Ewen’s Mac SE has a special pedigree — it is one of five prototypes made by Apple in California for development purposes, then shipped in 1987 to Apple’s Stockley Park offices in the UK for use by UK-based developers.”

Sande reports, “Ewen said, ‘I could have tried myself but I thought it was more fun to put Apple to the test and see if they were willing to try and help the 30 year old machine come back to life…and they did.'”

Read more, and see the photos, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Ooh, boy, now we’re dreaming of taking one of our Macintosh 128K units to the local Apple Store! (Except, they still work perfectly – 33 years later!!!) Look at that SE – two internal floppies – what a luxury!