“It’s been five months since Apple launched a new line of band options for the Apple Watch alongside the Apple Watch Series 2 and iPhone 7 last September,” Mitchel Broussard reports for MacRumors.

“Now, Apple.com has a few notable stock shortages of Series 2 bundles and — to a lesser extent — single band options for the Apple Watch, likely indicating an incoming spring collection of Apple Watch bands,” Broussard reports. “New Apple Watch hardware is expected for later in 2017.”

“The same shortage phenomenon occurred last summer, ahead of the new bands that launched in September,” Broussard reports. “Since the original Apple Watch launched, there have been four seasonal [band] collections.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We have yet to find a knockoff band that matches the quality of the corresponding Apple bands they are trying to copy. There’s always something a bit off: color, weight, material(s), magnet strength, etc.

It might not seem like much, but new bands keep Apple Watch fresh in users’, and potential buyers’, eyes and that’s a good thing!