“A team of researchers at Harvard University claimed to have developed a new ‘flow’ battery that can store energy in organic molecules dissolved in PH-neutral water,” Graeme Burton reports for V3. “The researchers claim that the technique may not only enable the development of safe, non-toxic batteries, but batteries that can last for as long as ten years.”

“However, rather than solving the problem of exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7s, the development, they suggest, would be more suitable used on a large scale for energy storage in the renewables sector,” Burton reports. “By modifying the structures of molecules used in the positive and negative electrolyte solutions, and making them water soluble, the Harvard team claim that it was able to engineer a battery that loses only one per cent of its capacity per 1000 cycles.”

Burton reports, “The technique should also cut costs, which would help to make renewable energy more competitive, as well as more reliable.”

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