“When the dust settled, Apple surprised even optimistic analysts by announcing a record-setting 78 million units in iPhone sales,” Yoni Heisler reports for BGR. “In what’s become something of a routine, every time analysts and pundits come out and predict Apple’s demise, the company will inevitably set new records for both iPhone sales and overall quarterly revenue.”

“What’s particularly noteworthy about the iPhone 7’s performance last quarter is that no one really seemed to care that the device shipped without a headphone jack,” Heisler reports. “”

“Apple’s decision to remove the tried and true 3.5mm headphone jack was met with widespread ridicule this past September. Many were quick to characterize Apple’s design choice as arrogant and proof positive that the company was out of touch with its ever-growing user base. Others, meanwhile, took the strong position that Apple was making a huge mistake and that iPhone 7 sales would experience a significant dip,” Heisler reports. “Not only did users flock to the iPhone 7 in record numbers, but more users opted for Apple’s pricier Plus model than ever before. During Apple’s earnings conference call yesterday, Cook said that the iPhone 7 Plus is the most popular Plus model Apple has ever released.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As with far too many things these days, it ends up being much ado about nothing.

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