“Read professional reviews of Apple’s new MacBook Pro lineup, and you’ll come away thinking the new laptops have great battery life,” Gordon Mah Ung writes for PCWorld.Dive into a customer forum, though, and the upshot will be exactly the opposite: The new MacBook Pros have ‘piss poor’ battery life.”

“From Laptopmag to The Verge and Notebookcheck.net, the vast majority of reviewers have lauded the MacBook Pros for good battery life,” Ung writes. “My own tests agreed.”

“I ran smack into a problem that’s likely at fault for many of the confusing battery life issues with the laptop, at least in macOS Sierra 10.12.2. On occasion, the laptop’s discrete GPU would just get stuck on and consume power even when it wasn’t used,” Ung writes. “I found after triggering this bug that I could kill the laptop in just 206 minutes, or a scant three and a half hours of basically idling with Safari open, Wi-Fi on, and eight websites loaded… The Sierra 10.12.3 update seems to have fixed the problem.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As always, even with the bug swatted, battery depends on what you’re doing with your Mac. As Apple’s own disclaimer clearly states, “Battery life varies by use and configuration.”

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