“The iPhone has been around a full 10 years now, meaning at some point you’ve probably upgraded to a newer model,” Rick Broida writes for CNET. “(Possibly several newer models.) And whenever you do that, you’re left with your old phone and a question: What should I do with it?”

“Most common answer: sell it. That’s a good way to help defray the cost of the upgrade,” Broida writes. “However, that’s not the only option, and not necessarily even the best. Instead, consider repurposing that old iPhone. You might be surprised at some of the feats it can perform.”

• Keep it as a backup phone
• Add it to a multi-camera video shoot
• Use it as a baby monitor
• Give it the GoPro treatment
• Create a poor-man’s Amazon Echo
• Leave it on your nightstand

Each of the six points above explained in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Hand it down to family members.