“If you hop over to the LG UltraFine 5K display in Apple’s online store, you’ll notice that something is missing: star rating,” Stan Schroeder writes for Mashable.

“According to this post on Reddit, Apple has removed the rating altogether after a ‘storm of negative reviews,’ most of which had to do with the monitor failing to wake from sleep,” Schroeder writes. “Indeed, the product has no “Ratings & Reviews” section; we couldn’t find a single user review for this particular monitor on Apple’s site. In contrast, LG’s smaller, 4K UltraFine monitor has a visible star rating at the time of this writing.”

Schroeder writes, “The rating is quite poor — only 2.5 stars — with many reviewers slamming the monitor for not waking from sleep when connected to a MacBook Pro, and some using that product’s reviews section to complain about the 5K version.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good Jobs, Tim Cook’s decision to stop producing Apple-branded displays and back these LG UltraUgly displays instead was a stroke of shortsighted stupidity. Now, if they are censoring reviews of the LG UltraUgly 5K display, it looks like Apple is compounding their stupidity.

As we wrote early this month:

“Apple ceding the display business damages the Apple brand. Apple does not lead in an essential personal computing component and other companies logos are destined to be in Mac users’ faces all day long. Not smart. Cook & Co. should reconsider their decision and make and sell Apple-branded displays. Direct profits aren’t the issue, ancillary profits are; smart executives like Cook should be able to recognize the power of perception.”

A real, honest-to-Jobs Apple display with built-in eGPU could be a smart move – January 19, 2017