“If you listen to groupthink critics on Apple, you’ll hear that the company is deeply troubled by too much reliance on iPhone sales, aging Mac Pro and Mini offerings that haven’t been updated in years and a stagnating market for iPads that has fallen precipitously since Peak iPad occured in 2014,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for AppleInsider. “They’re wrong, here’s why.”

“The tired tropes of Apple’s ‘troubling’ situation are a form of balloon logic; ideas that seem substantial until you scratch the surface and realize that there’s nothing really there but a thin bit of rubbery garbage stretched out around captive air,” Dilger writes. “There’s a simple explanation for why analysts, pundits and journalists regularly doubt the capacity of Apple — the most consistently, commercially successful tech company ever — while exercising a doe-eyed credulity in the promises of every potential new competitor that announces itself.”

Dilger writes, “Analysts, pundits and journalists needn’t be consciously biased against Apple to repeat fiction about the company; they only need to be selectively informed by Apple’s rivals and lack any capacity for critical thinking or any valid insight into the market.”

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MacDailyNews Take: They don’t call it FUD for nothing.