“One of the biggest problems (apart from ‘do they actually stay in your ears?’) for Apple’s AirPods is finding the damn things if you lose one down the back of a couch,” James Vincent reports for The Verge. “A $3.99 app that launched last week named ‘Finder for AirPods’ aimed to fix this problem, but Apple, for some reason, has objected.”

“As first reported by MacRumors, the ‘Finder for AirPods’ app has been removed for the App Store without an official explanation,” Vincent reports. “The app itself seems to have been a mixed bag. It used the AirPods’ Bluetooth signal to track them down, telling users they were warmer or colder the signal increased or decreased in strength. As MacRumors pointed out, this is a pretty inaccurate mechanism for locating a small object like an earbud, but, it’s better than nothing.”

Vincent reports, “We’ve reached out to Apple to find out why it removed the app.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This mythical ability to lose Apple AirPods is vastly overstated in just about any Apple AirPod article ever written. As people who’ve actually used AirPods know:

1) No, they don’t fall out of your ears (even when running; not “jogging,” either – really running).
2) And, no, they don’t get lost because when they’re not in your ears, because they’re in their charging case and if you’re losing that, then you don’t know how to take care of tech gadgets anyhow and therefore deserve to lose things and have to pay for their replacement until you learn how to properly take care of tech gadgets.