“A bit over one year ago I published my review of the 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro,” Ian Morris writes for Forbes. “At the time I said that I believed the iPad has changed my life, and that it was rapidly replacing my laptop. Because this was controversial I wanted to revisit it after living with the iPad as a serious day-to-day device over the past year.”

“And I have put a lot of hours in with the iPad. It’s been to press events with me, flown around the world and generally not left my side for every meeting and commute into town I’ve undertaken,” Morris writes. “I’ve lost count of the articles for Forbes I’ve written on this thing, and how much weight it’s saved me lugging about.”

“So after one year, I feel like I’ve lived with this device to back up what I wrote about it originally,” Morris writes. “I don’t expect laptops to go away, but if you’re looking for a device that gives you a great mobile office, with more flexibility than you might expect, then I do remain certain that the iPad Pro is a delightful product.”

Apple's iPad Pro with Apple Smart Keyboard

Apple's iPad Pro with Apple Smart Keyboard

There will no doubt be a new generation of these tablets from Apple in 2017, so let this review be a reminder that the original device is worth considering, especially if it ends up getting radical price reductions,” Morris writes. “My recommendation from the original review holds true – this is still a surprising machine that allows you to get a lot done.”

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MacDailyNews Take: While we can’t wait to see Apple’s new batch of iPads, we do wish they’d arrived in time for this past Christmas. We hope that Apple’s plan to finally return to iPad unit sales growth did not involve intentionally depressing sales first.

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