“To this day, the Mac Pro remains one of the few products that Apple actually manufactures in the U.S.,” Evan Niu writes for The Motley Fool. “When the company unveiled the new is-it-a-trash-can-or-a-jet-engine design in 2013, it made sure to point out the shift in manufacturing.”

“At the time, like now, Apple was on the receiving end of criticism regarding its use of Asian contract manufacturers abroad (although the Mac Pro facility is operated by Singapore-based contract manufacturer Flextronics),” Niu writes. “It was a big deal at the time, even if mostly symbolic. Apple earned some political goodwill in the process, while minimizing the financial impact by choosing one of its lowest-volume — and most expensive — products to make at home. Here’s the thing: Apple would still probably prefer to kill off its U.S. manufacturing.”

“In a recent Bloomberg report by Mark Gurman discussing the broader state of the Mac, some light has been shed on some of the challenges that have plagued the Mac Pro and its domestic production,” Niu writes. “The real kicker is this snippet from the report (emphasis added): ‘Because of the earlier challenges, some Apple engineers have raised the possibility of moving production back to Asia, where it’s cheaper and manufacturers have the required skills for ambitious products, according to a person familiar with those internal discussions.'”

“Just because Apple would like to kill off its U.S. manufacturing due to both operational and financial considerations, that doesn’t mean it will. This is particularly true given President-elect Donald Trump’s heavy emphasis on U.S. manufacturing on the campaign trail,” Niu writes. “So while Apple and its investors would still rather keep manufacturing in Asia, the company still has to seriously entertain the idea of making iPhones in America.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Well, so far, we do know one thing at least: Two of Apple’s most important partners – SoftBank (which owns ARM Holdings) and Apple product assembler Foxconn are in on a significant deal to expand operations in the U.S.A.

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