“Apple chief executive Tim Cook [yesterday] addressed concerns about the state of Mac desktop hardware inside the company, following the release earlier this year of a refreshed MacBook Pro but no new Mac desktops,” Jordan Novet reports for VentureBeat. “Cook’s message is clear: Apple does not intend to stop making desktop computers, despite how things might look from outside Cupertino.”

“That Cook neglected to call out the Mac Pro or the Mac Mini by name in today’s message is indeed telling; it could be read as an indication that Apple does not intend to revamp one or even both,” Novet reports. “The Mac Pro was last updated in 2013 and the Mac Mini in 2014.”

Novet reports, “Prominent Apple-centric developer Marco Arment took Cook’s words to mean that the Mac Pro, in particular, is ‘very likely dead.'”

“As for new Mac desktops, at least it’s now a question of when, not if. For certain power users, they can’t arrive soon enough,” Novet reports. “‘These future Macs may be great, but a lot of people are tired of waiting,’ as Relay FM cofounder Stephen Hackett put it.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Time for our “theoretical ‘mini tower’ Mac Pro”?

As you can see from our poll, Apple is leaving a great deal of money on the table by not offering such a product.

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