“As they drift off for their one- or two-day vacations shortly, will Apple’s senior executives be patting themselves on the back?” Chris Matyszczyk writes for CNET. “Or will they be slapping themselves on the forehead?”

“The iPhone 7 turned out to be as spectacular as Hillary Clinton’s campaign, but a little more waterproof,” Matyszczyk writes. “The headphone jack was gone and some very strange-looking AirPod headphones were promised and then not delivered until very late.”

“In 2016, Apple was all about the business and not so much about the customer. Odd, for a company that was built on its human instincts and whose products were always intuitively simple to enjoy,” Matyszczyk writes. “Even the battery life indicator on the new Pro seemed amateurish and was removed.”

“This year, you almost got the sense that Cupertino would have preferred to downplay some of its events, as it knew it really didn’t have that much with which to excite people,” Matyszczyk writes. “You can couch it, as fans of sports teams sometimes do, as a transition year. We’re going to lose a few games, but you should see our draft picks… At heart, though, the natives are restless and, perhaps unreasonably, expect far more. All this while Apple is involved in all sorts of political issues and is a company with far more tentacles than it used to have.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Here’s to Apple brass recognizing the issues, correcting them in order to execute properly, and having a stellar 2017!

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