“Analysts with BlueFin Research Partners say that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company will begin manufacturing Apple’scA11 processor in late April,” Ashraf Eassa reports for The Motley Fool. “The A11, BlueFin says, will be manufactured in TSMC’s 10-nanometer manufacturing technology.”

“Interestingly, BlueFin says — as is widely expected — that Apple’s A11 chip won’t be the first processor to ramp into production on TSMC’s 10-nanometer technology in 2017. The A10X that will power next-generation iPad models, as well as MediaTek’s upcoming Helio X30 mobile applications processor, should ramp up before the A11 does, BlueFin’s commentary suggests,” Eassa reports. “‘This may be fortuitous for [TSMC] given that yields are well below 50% presently, according to our research,’ the analysts write.”

Eassa reports, “[Here’s] why, if the reported yield rate is correct, this is, in fact, ‘fortuitous”‘ for TSMC.”

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MacDailyNews Take: First, we can’t wait to see what Apple’s A10X can do in Apple’s next-gen iPads, which we expect to be unveiled in calendar Q1 2017.