“‘Bear’ is what Notes should have been,” Bryan Clark writes for TNW. “Hell, it might be what Notes still aspires to be. It walks the perfect line between simple and feature-rich while offering robust options for organization, search, and — I could hardly contain myself on this one — Markdown support. It’s the first app in this space (and I’ve used them all) that I’d truly consider great — and it’s getting better every day.”

“‘Notes’ is perhaps Apple’s best-designed and most disappointing app. With each coat of paint it gets slightly better, but to date Apple has really missed out on tapping it’s full potential,” Clark writes. “Instead, we’re left with third-party solutions like SimpleNote, Evernote, or OneNote. All are passable alternatives, but none are great — at least on a Mac.”

Clark writes, “Created by Italian studio ‘Shiny Frog,’ Bear is the perfect marriage of features and simplicity. It’s what happens when you dress up Notes with Markdown support, better categorization, themes, customization options, and Apple-like embellishments that bring a polished feel a sorely-needed application.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Bear is free and also offers a $15-a-year (or $1.50-a-month) ‘Pro’ subscription that delivers multi-device syncing and additional features.