“As the first significant update to Apple’s range of high-end laptops in four years, it packs in a host of upgrades, including a thinner design, higher-quality screen, new trackpad and keyboard, as well as a power boost,” James Titcomb writes for The Telegraph. “It also has two things never seen on a laptop – a touchscreen strip above the keyboard known as the ‘Touch Bar’ and the Touch ID fingerprint scanner that iPhone and iPad users will recognise.”

“But true to form, it has also been controversial. It is not as powerful as many users would like, it can’t be upgraded, and there is no traditional USB port or SD card slot (the only ports included on the new MacBooks are the USB-C standard),” Titcomb writes. “[Pricing] starts at £1,449, goes to £1,749 for the Touch Bar version and rises to £2,699 for the most expensive model: a stretch even by Apple’s standards.”

“This is an expensive machine in a world of very capable cheaper laptops that do have standard USB ports and SD card slots (the pound’s fall post-Brexit hasn’t helped here),” Titcomb writes. “But if you’re willing to stretch to it and can handle living in a world of [adapters], the MacBook Pro is still the one laptop I would choose: just not for the reasons you might think.”

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