“I’ve always upgraded my MacBooks. Usually, I would spec out my machine with the best processor and GPU, and couple that to the bare-bones RAM and drive, then upgrade those components myself to avoid the Apple premium,” Ben Lovejoy writes for 9ti5Mac. “Sometimes I’d upgrade more than once during a machine’s lifetime.”

“My Late 2011 17-inch MacBook Pro, for example, was bought with 8GB RAM and a 750GB hard drive. I immediately upgraded the RAM to 16GB – a ten-minute task – and swapped out both the hard drive and optical drive for two 1TB hard drives,” Lovejoy writes. “Later on, when SSD prices fell to more sensible levels, I swapped out the spinning metal drives for a couple of 1TB SSDs. In this way, the 17-inch machine I was reluctant to give up has remained remarkably usable even five years on.”

MacDailyNews Take: We did much the same thing, but, boy, were those 17-inchers huge and heavy! Today, it’s much nicer to have dual monitor iMacs on our desks and MacBooks and iPad Pros in our backpacks (both together weigh less and take up less space than our old 17-inch MacBook Pros).

Apple's new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

Apple’s new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

“That approach is no longer an option. The RAM has long been soldered on in MacBooks, and the past couple of days confirmed what I suspected about the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar when I maxed-out my order: the SSD, too, is soldered on and thus non-upgradable,” Lovejoy writes. “I could complain about this. At one point, I would have done so at some length. But I’ve come to terms with the fact that the days of upgradable MacBooks are now behind us. And, much as I may regret that fact, it’s not an unreasonable decision by Apple.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Again, always max out your Mac purchases with RAM, storage, and CPU as best your budget allows and, with proper handling, it’ll last many, many years.

An extra $500 invested now averages out to just $13.80/month over three years.

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