“The Apple TV ($150) has an innovative remote control with sophisticated Siri search, and soon a companion TV app will let you access all your shows from one place,” Marshall Honorof writes for Tom’s Guide. “Compared with the Roku Ultra ($130), though, that’s about all Apple’s set-top box has going for it.”

MacDailyNews Take: Not even. Apple’s TV app will only let you access some of your shows from one place, not all.

“The Roku Ultra is not only cheaper, but offers better picture quality, more shows to watch and better methods of finding those programs,” Honorof writes. “Here’s a closer look at how the Roku Ultra outshines the Apple TV.”

“While the Apple TV’s 1080p video streams are beyond reproach, they’re still only one-quarter as crisp as they could be,” Honorof writes. “The Roku Ultra offers full support for 4K and high-dynamic range (HDR) content, meaning you’ll be able to experience better visuals and a richer color spectrum.”

“While Apple TV offers hundreds of apps, Roku’s selection runs in the thousands. That means more chaff to sort through, sure, but it also means you’re likely to find more interesting niche content, from public domain films to whole channels for cute animals,” Honorof writes. “Speaking of channel selection, the Roku Ultra has one enormous asset that the Apple TV doesn’t: Amazon Video… The Roku Ultra can search more than 100 services simultaneously, while the Apple TV covers only about 20. Apple’s search may improve when the TV app launches, but for now, the upcoming app doesn’t even cover Netflix.”

More reasons why Roku Ultra beats Apple TV in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yup. For Amazon’s upcoming The Grand Tour, we’ll be using our Sony 4K TV’s Amazon Prime app to watch the show in 4K clarity, not our getting-more-embarassing-by-the-day Apple TV units.

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