“A new report from Japanese tech blog Macotakara is suggesting that Apple will update the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to add a Jet White color option,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac. “Based on the name, following the popularity of the glossy Jet Black color, Apple would add a glossy white case chassis option to its existing line of flagship iPhones.”

“The report should be treated with quite a bit of skepticism as the source lacks details and the move does not follow the traditional cycle of Apple product releases.,” Mayo reports. “Although Macotakara has had a decent track record in recent months regarding Apple products, it does not seem like it is as confident with this report; the entire source story is only two sentences long and the latter simply warns that ‘this information may be unreliable.'”

iPhone 7 Plus

Apple’s flagship iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black, the world’s most advanced pocket computer

Mayo reports, “Apple is also struggling to meet demand for its existing 5-color iPhone 7 lineup, so it’s unlikely to be rushing to add yet another SKU into the supply chain.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Would be nice — we have Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus units and they’re gorgeous; no cases for these babies! — but we’ll believe this one when we see it.