“Last month, the Mirai botnet emerged from the shadows and directed its fury at security expert Brian Krebs. A few weeks later, the DNS servers at Dyn fell victim and many of the biggest sites on the Internet went dead for millions of Americans,” Lee Mathews reports for Forbes. “Now it appears that Mirai knocked an entire country offline.”

“Only temporarily, mind you, and the target was a very small one: Liberia, with a population of around 4.5 million,” Mathews reports. “Fewer than 10 per cent of its citizens have Internet access and the entire country is served by just two companies that share a single fiber optic cable. Who would want to DDoS a country like Liberia? One strong possibility is someone who’s testing the Mirai botnet’s capabilities.”

“The attack on Krebs’ website was easy enough to understand. He’s a respected security researcher and has doggedly pursued and helped expose numerous cybercriminals over the years,” Mathews reports. “Taking a good chunk of an entire continent offline could be the next step. Then again, they could have a much bigger target in mind. Given the pace of attacks so far, we may not have a long wait before we find out who Mirai’s next victim will be.”

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