“I’ve come to the belief that the trash can Mac Pro, the ‘Can’t Innovate my Ass’ machine, is a product mistake of the ’20th Century Anniversary Macintosh’ [sic] caliber,” Chuq Von Rospach writes for Chuqui.com. “It was a technological marvel, it was a stunning design, and it was a terrible piece of hardware for it’s primary audiences because of limited upgradability and component flexibility — and then Apple compounded that by not having good upgrade plans in place to refresh it since the design it created wouldn’t let its users do it for themselves.”

“I’m convinced we’ll see not just an updated Mac Pro, but a new design, one that I hope backs away from some of the issues this design has,” Von Rospach writes. “What I’m hoping for is in fact a new desktop product line which merges the Mini and the Mac Pro where, like the MacBooks, you have the options of 2-3 models each with 2-3 configuration upgrades which cover the pricing and processing needs from a basic Mac Mini to today’s Mac Pro supercomputer capabilities.”

Tons more in the full article – highly recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: What we wrote over three years ago certainly never came to fruition:

Who’s to say Apple or third parties won’t have stackable 6.6-inch diameter “expansion discs” that offer external drives, etc. that match and fit right underneath your Mac Pro and provide neat cord management solutions as well?

Think outside the box.MacDailyNews, July 17, 2013